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Boishakhi Mela
Boishakhi Mela

Boishakhi Mela


Boishakhi Mela

‘Fair’ or ‘Mela’ is always exciting, amusing and attracting. In our country, some fairs are held with great fervor. Boishakhi Mela is one of these. Boishakhi Mela (fair) is a fair which is held regularly every year in the month of Boishakh, the first Bengali month.

Boishakhi Mela bears an image of rural Bangladesh. It beautifully reflects the accurate rural picture of our country. It is held all over the country. It is very common and popular in rural and urban areas. It is now also noticeable in towns and cities. In a Boishakhi Mela, stalls of various things and articles of daily necessity are set up. In these stalls potteries and traditional handicrafts, bamboo flutes, etc. are mostly available. There are many goods and things in a Boishakhi Mela to sell. Many attractive toys. Fans and balloons are sold here at random. Different delicious foods are also the attraction of a Boishakhi Mela. In such a fair sometimes some. Cultural functions of the traditional Bangla folk song, zaree, sharee, bhawaia and zatra are held. Puppet show and merry go round are also favorite to many. People of all ages go to Boishakhi Mela to buy things and enjoy it. Especially boys and girls go there with their elders and enjoy much.

Boishakhi Mela is held at different. Places are in the rural areas throughout the month of Boishakh. However, it set up the relationship between the village life and city life. It is a source of joy and mental recreation.



Boishakhi Mela is a fair held on the 1st day of Boishakh in celebration of the Bengali New Year’s day. Boishakhi Mela is the reflection of our national unity. It shows that we the Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists live here in peace and communal harmony.

It is our a great long tradition. This mela strengthens our unity and mutual relationship. In this festival, our various cultural activities are performed and thus it helps us preserve our long-aged native culture. On the first day of Boishakh. We decorated our school premises very tastefully with colored-paper-festoons, balloons and cloth flags of multi-colors. We erected two gates of pine-leaves on bamboo structures; one for entrance and one for an exit. The bamboo enclosure was put up around the premises. Mela stalls were laid out in a circular shape and they were rented out to different shopkeepers who set varieties of fascinating articles to sell. The decoration and building work was done by volunteers who were also engaged in maintaining order and discipline in the fair.

The whole premises looked like a dream-land. We arranged a cultural function when renowned singers, dancers and actors enacted our various native culture. The children were most happy in the fair and had a lot of fun and excitement. They bought fancy articles and were overjoyed with them. People of all ages and occupations, irrespective of sex, caste and creed crowded the fair, bought things and enjoyed a lot. I was also in a very festive mood and had been to the festival all the day long with my friends. I enjoyed a great deal to remember for another year to come.

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