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Independence day bangladesh paragraph

Independence Day of Bangladesh Paragraph


Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on “Independence Day.”  You should write about 250 words.

(a) What do you mean by Independence Day?
(b) Why is this day our Independence Day?
(c) What happened on this day?
(d) How is the day celebrated?
(e) Where does the prime minister place wreath?
(f) What do all people observe this day?

Independence Day

26 March, our Independence Day, biggest state festival. On this day, the independence of Bangladesh was declared. It is a memorable day in the history of Bangladesh. The day is a national holiday. The day begins with 31 gunshots. Bangladesh was under Pakistan. The Pakistani rulers were very cruel and barbarous to us. They launched an inhumane attack on the innocent and peace loving people of this country on 25 March 1971. Thousands of people were killed. Many women were raped. Hundreds of intellectuals are also killed. But after nine months blood shedding struggle Bangladesh become independent. It is celebrated every year in the country with great enthusiasm and fervour. All office, educational institutions, shops and factories remain closed on this day. This day is celebrated with discussion, meeting, seminars and with various cultural activities. The diplomats, political parties, social and cultural organizations and freedom fighters pay homage to the martyrs. Our prime minister place floral wreaths at the National Musolium Savar. People from all walks of life also come with rallies and processions. Sports and tournaments are also organized including boat race, lathi khela etc. Smartly dressed parade of defense forces, border guards, police, ansars and the vdp delights us all. The socio-cultural organizations, cultural functions. To highlight the heroic and sacrifice 1971. People from all walks should observe this day as it is obtained it much blood of the brave sons of this country.



Write a paragraph in about 150 words based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should give as much details as possible :

(a) What is the significance of the 26th March?
(b) When did we become free?
(c) What happened in the war?
(d) When did our war of independence take place?
(e) How is the day observed?




The twenty-six of March is the independence day of Bangladesh.The day observed with solemnity and honour. Our War of Independence took place in 1971. On the 25th March 1971, the Pakistani army fell upon the unarmed innocent civilians and started killing them indiscriminately. They wanted to stop the Bangalees desire for independence. This, however, was not successful. The next day on the 26th March 1971 independence of Bangladesh was declared and fierce fighting started to drive out the Pakistani rulers from our land. Bangladesh ultimately succeeded after a nice months-long bloody battle. On 16 December 1971, our enemies surrendered and we got our independence. However, the 26th march is a red letter day in the history of Bangladesh. On this day all Govt. and no-govt. Offices and educational institutions remain closed. Meetings and seminars are organized to pay due respect to our martyrs of Liberation War. Special prayers are offered in the prayer houses. This is the day when we feel sad remembering the loss of lives in the war. But at the same time, we feel proud recognizing our glorious achievement.

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