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May day

May Day Paragraph

Are you looking May Day paragraph or May Day history? Then you come to the right place. Please keep reading and know about May day.


Write a paragraph in 250 words on “May Day.”

May Day

May 1, the International Worker’s Day is observed all over the world in commemoration of the historic struggle and sacrifice of the working people to establish an eight-hour workday along with other advantages. Since the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe and the US, the workers in mills and factories had to work a long shift lasting fourteen or even more hours a day. On May 1, 1886, inspired by the trade unions, workers got united in a movement to realize their demands. On that day, the workers in the American city Chicago who were groaning under the pangs of exploitation raised slogans for their recognition as men. This was, no doubt a moral blow to the wealthy class. The police fired on them. In consequence, the streets of Chicago city were red with the warm blood of the workers. The capitalist government and its agent adopted every possible means to choke the voice of the workers. On that day, one striker was killed instantly, five or six strikers were seriously injured and an undetermined number of strikers were injured. The leaders of the workers were hanged. But lastly, the undaunted workers came out successful sacrificing their lives. All the privileges, the workers enjoy today are the product of that historic struggle and sacrifice. The day is observed with due respect and solemnity to the martyred strikers. The day represents inspiration and joy and sorrow at the same time. The events of May 1, 1886, give the lesson that workers will continue to be exploited until they stand up and speck for better working conditions, better pay and the better life.

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