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Traffic Jam Paragraph

Traffic Jam Paragraph

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Write a paragraph about ‘TRAFFIC JAM’

Bangladesh is small but overpopulated country and this overpopulation is creating various problems. Traffic jam is an eventual result of overpopulation. Traffic Jam is the clogging up of too many vehicles in one place. The place may be a street or a highway. It is not uncommon in our country, particularly in the Dhaka city. It happens when different vehicles want to move ahead of each other. The street conditions and violating the traffic rules are other reastans of traffic jam. The roads are insufficient and cannot accommodate the large number of vehicles and cannot facilitate their movements. Besides, the roads and streets are too narrow and zigzag. Moreover, both the traffic police and the drivers are callous about traffic jam. We feel much helpless and frustrated when we get stuck in the sea of traffic jam. Many people fail to attend their office duty in time. The worst victims are the patients carried in the ambulances to the hospitals and clinics. Rickshaw-pullers and taxi-drivers also suffer a lot because they lose their time moving very slowly towards their destination. The transportation of the daily commodities get delayed. Traffic jam can be removed if some measures can be taken sternly. Widening the streets, making flyovers at the main crossings, reducing the number of rickshaws and above all growing public awareness are necessary for removing traffic jam.


Sometimes they are seen parking their vehicles at any place of a road in an undisciplined manner, which causes the traffic jam. Again, some roads, lanes and by-lanes are very narrow. The roads and streets are often dug for development work. This is also a reason for the traffic jam. Illegal parking, unauthorized shops and markets on the roadside spaces also cause the traffic jam. Traffic jams are regularly seen at the intersections of streets and railway level crossings. In our daily activities, we can not become fast and punctual because traffic jams kill our time. The patient going to hospital suffer on roads waiting for an unlimited period of time. School boys and girls cannot reach their schools on time. The office going people become late to reach their office. Shops and markets should be removed from the roadsides. In some places of the cities; the government should build fly-over. Which will play a vital role to minimize the traffic jam? New and effective traffic rules are to be formulated soon. I hope this problem will be solved n the near future as our government is taking all possible steps in this regard.

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