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Victory Day of Bangladesh Bijoy Dibosh

Victory Day of Bangladesh on held every year 16 December. The victory day first celebrated in 1972. Each people of Bangladesh celebrate very respectfully. Here we are talking about Victory day of Bangladesh. Are you want to know details about victory day of Bangladesh. Then you are coming to the right place.

Victory Day of Bangladesh

Bijoy Dibosh

Bijoy Dibosh of Bangladesh is the very significant event in our national life. Bangladeshi people are locally called “Bijoy Dibos” in Bangla. Here “Bijoy” means Victory and “Dibosh” means day.

History of Victory Day of Bangladesh

In 1947, Pakistan and India became independent from British rule. Pakistan has two parts. East Pakistan and West Pakistan. Bangladesh was known as East Pakistan. The West Pakistani rulers dominated, oppressed and suppressed us right from the beginning. We protested, but they tried to stop us by bullets.

History of Victory Day of Bangladesh

The general election of 1970, the Awami League won majority seats. But without handing over power to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The West Pakistani army started mass killing on the night of 25 March 1971 in East Pakistan. On March 26, Major Zia Declared Independence of Bangladesh on behalf of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Who was then under arrest. From that day our liberation war began.

The students, teachers, youths, the EPR personnel, the police force and people from all walks of life launched a high resistance. Our freedom fighters did not have sufficient arms and ammunitions. The barbarians killed thousands of people, burnt their houses and looted everything. A reign of terror was let loose. About 30 lac people fled to India. The freedom fighters got training in India, entered Bangladesh and resorted to guerrilla warfare. In the meantime, India recognized Bangladesh, sent arms to help us and the joint forces inflicted crushing blow on the Pakistanis. At last, they were compelled to lay down arms on 16 December 1971.

Recognition of Victory Day of Bangladesh

Bhutan and India became (1st Bhutan and 2nd India) the first country in the universe to recognized the newly independent state on 6 December 1971.After that, other countries recognized Bangladesh.

Celebration of Victory Day of Bangladesh

Celebration of Victory day of Bangladesh

The victory day first celebrated in 1972. The victory day of Bangladesh is a government holiday. All types of government offices and privet business closed that holiday. It is performed each year in a befitting manner throughout the Bangladesh.

The victory day of Bangladesh reminds us that no oppressor can rule his people for a long time. Bangladesh has come to stay, it will stay and no power can undo it.

Victory Day of Bangladesh In  Future

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  1. Every year the Government, different organization and institutions take elaborate programmes to celebrate the day in a befitting manner. The national flag is hosted in all important offices, buildings, institutions, and shops. All important places are tastefully decorated. Meetings and seminars are held to explain the importance of the day. On this day we pay rich tributes to the memory of the day. On this day we pay rich tributes to the memory of the martyrs who laid down their lives for the sake of our independence.

  2. First of all I have to thank the admin for such an awesome post. Writing articles on 45th Victory Day This is the day of pride of the Bengali nation.

  3. Absolutely, victory day is the best achievement to us. It the most prestigious day to us. For this day, we can say, we are independent. We are the people of Bangladesh. We have our own flag. We have our own map. We are banglais. Here is another post on victory day of bangladesh Thank you for this contribution in 45th year after victory.

  4. Victory day is very important part of our history and culture. We will respect each year.

  5. Love you all of the freedom fighters for sacrifice.

  6. Victory day reminds us that we are a brave nation. But we are not brave anymore.

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