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Mothers day paragraph


Write a paragraph in 250 words on ‘Mother’s Day’.

International Mother’s Day



Mother is a unique and unparalleled blessing in the world. Mother’s Day is a very significant day observed as a special occasion in honour of mothers. The day was, for the first time, announced as a formal holiday in the United States of America. Mother’s Day is now Observed every year in Bangladesh as elsewhere around the world. The sons and daughters eagerly wait for this day. They buy some special presents for their dearest mother. When they offer the presents, the mother becomes delighted. It brings a heavenly happiness between a mother and her children. The bond of relationship between mother and children becomes everlasting. The mother also draws her children with her motherly affection. In this way, we pay a glowing tribute to our dear mother’s. The mothers of famous personalities or celebrities are also offered special honour ceremonially. Seminars and symposia are also held in honour of our respected mothers. In addition, our national dailies bring out special supplements highlighting the importance and significance of the day and the remarkable contributions of our mothers to the family, society and the country. The day is of great significance in the entire world including our country. Mothers irrespective of caste, creed and religion feel highly honoured, delighted and proud of their status in society. The dignity of a mother in the patriarchal family has tremendously increased because of the day. Bangladesh has occupied a unique position in the field of family bondage. No other nation in the world pays so much honour to mothers as is done in Bangladesh. We may really be proud of this aspect of life.

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